Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How old does a puppy have to be to start puppy school?
A:  Puppies must be clear of any parasites and have a minimum of second shots to start.  Usually pups are around 11-12 weeks old when they start.

Q:  How do I view a PDF file?
A:  A pdf file can be viewed using the FREE Adobe Reader that is available for downloading at

Q:  What proof of health and shots is required?
A:  When you enroll with us we send you a confirmation letter, class policy, waiver and a vet form that your vet must sign. We require that you bring this signed vet form to class. We do not want any other paperwork from you vet other than our form signed by them.

Q:  What if I discover that my pup has worms just before my class starts?
A:  It’s important to get a fecal test done at least 2 days before your class starts. Some types of worms are treatable and the pup can start right away.  Other types mean that the pup will not be able to start class for up to two weeks.  If you let us now within 48 hours of your class we will always move you to an appropriate class.  There are no refunds or transfer possible with less than 48 hours notice as we would not have time to replace your spot in class.

Q:  How many dogs are in each class and can more than one family member attend.
A:  Our average class size is 8 dogs with 2 instructors per class.  All family members are invited to attend, we love to work with children but they must be over five years old to attend classes.

Q:  Can I come to watch a class?
A:  Absolutely, just give us a call and find out what we have running and we can advise you of what time to come to see the class you are interested in.   Do not bring your dog if you are coming to watch as we can only allow dogs that have had veterinary clearance to be the training hall.

Q:  How do I enroll?
A:  We can enroll you immediately by phone with visa or mastercard.  If you wish to drop off an application, you can do so at Petopia – located at 265 Bartley Drive.  You can fax to 416-429-1261 or mail.  Please keep in mind we cannot hold spots while waiting for an application to arrive via mail so we do recommend the other methods to ensure your first choice of spaces.  If you come to watch a class, please note that instructors can not answer questions while classes are in progress. We suggest you call the office to arrange for registration during office hours.

Q:  What happens if I miss a class?
A:  Our assistants will spend time with you during the next class to review the key points of the lesson you missed. We will make every effort to ensure you do not fall behind.  Unfortunately we do not have time in our schedule for makeup classes.

Q:  Do you run classes during holidays?
A:  We do not run classes on Canadian Public holidays recognized by the Federal Government including; New Years (Jan 1& 2),  Spring break (March15-20) Victoria Day (May 24) Canada Day (July 1), First Monday in Aug., First Monday In Sept, October 10th (Thanksgiving) and xmas break Dec 25 & 26, 27, 28 & 29/05

Q:  What is your withdrawal policy if I have to cancel?
A:  If you give us 48 hours notice prior to your class start time, we will refund your fee minus a $35.00 administration charge.  If you withdraw with less than 48 hours notice from the time your class starts no refunds or transfers will be allowed.  A copy of our full policy is given to each client who registers.

Q:  What if my dog is aggressive or doesn’t like people or other dogs? Should I still bring him to class?
A:  Dogs that are have aggression or severe fear problems are better helped in private lessons than in classes.  We do offer private lessons.

Q:  Can I switch to another class if the night I’m attending is no longer convenient?
A:  No. Once you start class in a certain time slot then you must continue at that time.  All of our classes are filled so we can’t switch as it would overload other classes.

Q:  Do you use food in training?
A:  Yes, we do use food to teach exercises and then we teach owners how to wean off food and onto other motivators.  We use only positive and proven training methods that work well.

Q:  If I enroll for both Level 1 and 2 to get the $25.00 discount do I have to choose my second class right away?
A:  No, you have up to one year to select any Dog Manners (Level 2) class from our schedule.  Most clients prefer to take Level 2 within on month of graduating from Level 1.  We now offer a new Level 2 (intermediate) for Level 1 graduates only.

Q:  Why should I choose Puppy People?
A:  We have highly trained instructors,  our own industrial unit, small personalized classes.  Our classes include detailed lesson plans and an excellent reading package. Ask your veterinarian about us.  We are highly recommended by most vets in the GTA and by thousands of former clients over the 25 years we’ve been in business.  Come and see a class if you’d like to see first hand what we are all about.

Call us for further information: 416-429-7387