Our Programs

Our classes are popular with families who want a gentle and positive approach to training. We invite you to visit our location to watch a class.


LEVEL 1 – 6 WEEKS (for medium and large breed puppies under 4 ½ months old and small breed puppies under 6 months old)

Is your puppy nipping, jumping, getting wildly excited, stealing food, making house training mistakes or just not paying attention?

Give your pup the “best start” with our SIX WEEK program Puppy Manners & Socialization. This program is designed to socialize, teach puppy level commands and turn puppy habits into desirable behaviours. During this “optimum learning period” establishing good habits will never be easier. Each week the course will cover a combination of puppy level commands, off lead play time and informative lectures combined with Q & A sessions. Commands include; sit, down, stand, getting attention, come when called, walking on lead, sitting for greetings, and leave it.

Weekly “puppy play sessions” will be combined with recalls to improve your pup’s focus on you. Common problems like jumping up, nipping, avoiding possessive behavior and uncontrollable excitement when greeting people will be thoroughly covered. The “puppy obstacle course” will give your pup an experience of a mini agility course and will help build confidence and attention.

Level 1 alone is designed to address puppy issues and is not a full obedience course. It does give you an excellent “head start” to build the skills needed to master the full range of obedience commands taught in level 2 (intermediate). We do recommend taking Level 1 first followed by Level 2 (intermediate).

Note: To participate in this program, your small breed pup should be under 6 months, your large breed pup should be under 4.5 months, healthy, have a minimum of one sets of shots. When you register we send you a confirmation/policy and a vet form that must be signed and brought to the first class. The whole family is welcome but we do limit participation to children over 5 years old.


LEVEL 2 – 6 WEEKS (for graduates of LEVEL 1 only)

This SIX WEEK Dog Manners and Obedience program will build on the foundation skills you have established in the Puppy Manners course. A more advanced version of our Dog Manners and Obedience course, this program is especially designed for puppy graduates. In this challenging program your dog will learn to perform all the basic commands well in the park, at home and on walks. We will show you how to develop greater “command control” with our unique “proofing” and distraction exercises designed to keep your dog’s attention focused on you. The commands covered in the six week intermediate program include: heeling and walking on lead, come when called, sit for all greetings, long sit, and down stays, stay on mat, leave it on command. Weekly lectures and Q & A sessions will address your concerns and also cover: resolving attention getting and testing behaviours, mouthing/nipping and curb jumping up.

Note: No vet form required for this level but the class policy which is still in effect will be sent to each student. This class is limited to 8 dogs per sesson with two instructors.


6 WEEKS (for dogs over 4 1/2 months old)

Our SIX WEEK Dog Manners and Obedience beginner program is for dogs that have had little or no training. Learn how to communicate effectively with your dog and eliminate a host of bad habits and attention getting behaviours. We will show you how to establish good manners and teach you all the practical, every-day important commands. Learn how to increase your dog’s attention, as well as other effective and positive solutions to eliminate JUMPING UP, OVER EXCITED BEHAVIOUR, MOUTHING, PULLING ON LEAD, AND EXCESSIVE BARKING. The commands covered include: walking on a loose lead, come when called, sit for greetings, sit and down stay, go to mat and leave it. Weekly lectures will provide useful tips on how to solve problems like stealing items/food, preventing possessive behaviour, reducing attention getting behaviours and other effective management techniques. We can help you establish good behaviours that will last a lifetime.

Note: To participate your dog should be over 4.5 months old, be friendly to people and other dogs, healthy, have up-to-date inoculations.
When you register we send you a confirmation/policy and a vet form that must be signed and brought to the first class. This class is limited to 8 dogs per session with two instructors.


6 WEEKS (for graduates of Dog Manners Programs)

This 6 week introduction to the fun sport of rally obedience, which combines agility and obedience skills in a course of up to 20 stations, including heeling, sits, downs and stays as well as recalls. Dogs should have basic obedience and be able to walk on a loose leash.



This 6 week course teaching a variety of tricks and games to entertain and challenge you and your dog. Some of the tricks you and your dog will learn include take a bow, sit pretty, leg weaves, spin, etc. The last class will be a fun night and “show and tell” graduation for those that wish to practice what you’ve learned.



This program is for dogs with leash aggression issues or who are fearful or reactive (barking, lunging, etc.) towards other dogs. Class size limited to 4, and is conducted on leash.

AGILITY – fun, exercise and quality time for you and your dog!

A great way to strengthen the bond between you and your fur baby is to take part in canine agility. Agility is an active sport in which a dog negotiates an obstacle course under the guidance and direction of his or her handler. The obstacles include jumps, tunnels and weave poles, as well as contact obstacles such as the A-frame, dog-walk, see-saw and pause table.

Emphasizing positive training and teamwork, our staff will guide you as you teach your dog how to complete the obstacles safely and confidently. You will learn various handling techniques that will enable you to direct your dog around any agility course. Agility classes provide a fast-paced, fun-filled opportunity to build a working bond with your canine partner. Your dog will gain confidence and improve his or her fitness level while learning new skills. Agility is open to dogs of all breeds and mixes and dogs of all sizes.



This 4 week programme for puppies under 6 months. This class will introduce young dogs to a variety of agility equipment in a fun and motivational environment. Ideal for socialising puppies to a variety of new experiences as well as providing skills for a future sport career.



Warning: agility is addictive! Now that you’ve discovered the joy of dog agility, emphasis will be on improved performance of each obstacle. Short sequences of obstacles will be introduced. Your dog’s jumping skills will be developed and you will hone your handling abilities. Your canine partner will gain the experience necessary to perform the dog-walk, see-saw and A-frame with confidence, precision and joy! Teamwork between dog and handler is a priority and we will continue to build that essential working relationship through positive motivational training methods.



Building on the foundation laid in Novice class, you and your dog will continue to develop your skills and your teamwork. More advanced handling will be introduced, including the front cross and rear cross. Sequencing will become more complicated with emphasis on timing and speed. There will be an ongoing progression to develop your dog’s best performance in the weave poles and on the contact obstacles. This level will be taught using only positive motivational methods and will continue to be a fun, action-packed training session for you and your canine partner.

Prerequisite: Novice Level or Equivalent.


6 WEEKS (Intermediate Level or equivalent. Minimum age is 1 year.)

If you feel the need for speed, look no further; the focus of this class is running courses! During this 6-week session you and your dog will fine-tune your communication skills. You will learn how to effectively negotiate common sequences such as pinwheels, serpentines, threadles, and 270s. You will learn how to handle discriminations and how to work at a distance from your dog.

Prerequisite: Intermediate Level or Equivalent. The dogs must be able to perform all obstacles without training aids (ie., the contact obstacles will be at full height and there will be no wires on the weave poles). Minimum age is 1 year.

AGILITY for shy / fearful / anti-social dogs


Agility is a great confidence builder and fun for all dogs – this programme allows dogs that cannot handle large groups of dogs to learn agility skills in a safe manner. Using the methods introduced by Leslie McDevitt in her Control Unleashed programme, this class will teach the dogs agility as well as developing their social skills and impulse control. Dogs must be screened before enrollment, and class size is limited to 4 dogs. Class structure will vary depending on the dogs enrolled.


Other Professional Services


We specialize in treatment of all types of behavioural problems and offer private consultations at our facility or at your home. Many veterinarians recommend our consultations for excessive barking, shyness, excessive excitability and house soiling. We utilize a positive and gentle approach that has helped many clients to successfully solve problems. Our behavioural sessions include a comprehensive written action plan, appropriate reading materials and phone follow up.


We offer individual Personal Puppy training which can be tailored to meet your needs for problem solving and training. These one hour sessions are packed with useful information. Many clients who want to deal with the problems now and can’t wait for their class to start, book one private session to get their dogs behaviour under control. Our entire program is also offered on a private basis for those clients who cannot attend classes. Private sessions are done at our facility or can be arranged at home. Contact us at (416) 429 – 7387 ext 2