What People are Saying

“We would definitely recommend your program to others. Amazing trainers who really know their stuff.”  Barry and Maria Goldman with Ranger

Fun and clearly taught – instructors were super and  really “in tune” with the dogs and their owners.” Kathleen Somerville & Puddles

“The trainers are absolutely wonderful! They are the best!.”  Dina Theleritis and Toby

Great class for my children to learn how to train their puppy.” David Hoffman – Maggie

“I love the small classes and how helpful they instructors are!  They gave us a lot of time and attention.”. Scott and Shannon Harris – Boomer

We had FUN!!” Angie & Renato Mestrinaro – Kayla

“Yes, we would highly recommend Puppy People.  It really gave us the great start we needed with Clarence. Thanks!”  Jonathan & Allyson Hyatt – Clarence

This class was helpful for both the owners and the dogs. It was especially good for Winston as it gave him the opportunity to interact with other dogs.” Kathy Morwood and Winston

“This was a great way to reintroduce us to training a dog.  It had been 14 years since we had a puppy and we needed this refresher course.  We would definitely recommend this program to others.”  Stephen and Sherry Rioux with Reggie,

“This program was very organized and well presented.”  “Yes we would recommend it.”  Ron and Katherine McKeavy and Riley

“Yes, this program is far superior to ANY that I’ve ever attended,  Thank you.”  Nicholas and Terry

Great Course, trainers are helpful and trained the owners very well!  Wonderful tips on dog behavior!”  Mr. Herrington and Tasha

” I personally now understand why puppy training is so important, Puppy People instructors are dedicated to teaching their craft and yes I would gladly recommend this program to others.”  Beverley Avery and Penny

The staff was terrific!  I appreciate that they train the OWNERS to train the dogs and to understand puppy behavior.” Jenni Conway and Ferris